The ‘World’ of Optimisation!!!!

So at a certain point, no matter how many polygons you kill, or LODs you add. U will never increase your frame rate. There are other items & logic that can cause a frame rate hit…. for instance, AI Calculations, Cubemap Rendering, Particles, or just the number of other vehicles in the scene.

Having spent nearly a total of a week working on world optimisation, in terms of specifically reducing polygons on screen, making the sections smaller & keeping bounding box’s as close to the mesh as possible (this allows the engine to know as soon as the bounds is out of the visible area, it can cull that object entirely) I have achieved a 3-4 frame increase… sorta feels like a waste of a week really.

However, we are only working on a prototype and this sort of ‘research’ allows me to see the value of the new systems implemented in the version. Which appear to be just about none, I can now carry this info forward into the alpha versions.

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