Orphaned Polygons in Torque – Part 2 of 3

How do I find them?

Its not a simple job to find Orphaned polygons. There is no tool that tells you exactly which brush has freaked out… (that would be especially handy when working in 3D Max, because each of my brushes has a unique name)… Unfortunately we don’t have that luxury, and so hunting them down visually becomes the only method.

Hunting Orphaned polygons is not fun, and is basically achieved by doing the following.

  1. Run the game in Debug Mode
  2. Hit the tilde (~) button, to pull down the console
  3. Type in ‘setinteriorrendermode(4)’ the set interior render mode command allows you to visualise DIFs in quite a few options… see the link below for more details.
  4. Now its down to you to inspect your DIF.. Orphaned Polygons will be highlighted in blue (just as in the screenshots from ‘Orphaned Polygons in Torque – Part 1 of 3’), and regular ‘safe’ brushes will turn white.

So now that you know how to find them, you need to know how to fix them… keep an eye out for Part 3!!

Series Division

Part 1 – What Are Orphaned Polygons
Part 2 – How do I find them?
Part 3 – How do I resolve, or fix them?!



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