Rev gets Renamed!!

So its been officially announced… what started out as Project Match Racer, then to us became known as Rev, and finally on Instant Action named ‘Racer’ has been named BLUR! Here’s a copy of the post made on the InstantAction Blog


BLUR is InstantAction’s very first racing game, brought to us by the South African studio Luma Arcade. In BLUR, players race to the finish against seven other cars, manned by either the computer or other players. The races are intense, thrusting players behind the wheel of supercharged cars that deliver a true sense of speed.

Two cars can be raced in BLUR; a sleek sports car or a beefy muscle car. Selected within a full 3D showroom-style car selector, both cars have a unique personality. On top of offering different car models, BLUR also allows players to customize the car with one of nine very different paint jobs. While most games only offer different color schemes, the paint jobs in BLUR are individually designed and extremely detailed. There’s something for everybody here.

The races of BLUR take place on one of three tracks. Paradise Cove is a winding track that rests along a beautiful beach littered with tropical plant life and small villages. Sky City is a sprawling metropolis with a race track along its skyline that features tunnels and the biggest jumps of BLUR. Reactor Station is a futuristic race stadium where anything goes and only the best racers will find the shortest route. Each track requires a different race strategy and practice to master.

The car models in BLUR look fantastic, blowing away some of the PlayStation 2 and Xbox’s best efforts. The game conveys a great sense of speed using blurring affects and a very smooth framerate. Creeping up on another racer even grants a bit more speed through drafting, characterized by cool waves of air slipping over your ride.

BLUR will be a hot edition to the InstantAction family of games and will give gamers a new way to play. Get ready to prove yourself on the streets of InstantAction!

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Still waiting for it to hit public beta, and that date is un announced 😀

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  1. Great post! Excellent resource. We will be updating our about Blur page at Instant Action Players as more information becomes available.

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