Blur In Depth Interviews

Wow, long time since I last posted. We’ve been pretty dedicated to the porting of Blur from TGE to TGEA. Its been interesting seeing how GarageGames have added all the new features to TGEA but keeping the system as close to the original TGE system as possible. Once you get the hang of working with the new features and how they work, they’re pretty logical.

They’ve added some interesting changes to the Terrain system with the addition of Atlas Terrain. We spent a lot of time looking into the use of atlas terrain with the hopes of using it, but sadly the terrain files turned out to be a little to large for our liking. Especially considering that our old terrain files are 512kb and the smallest Atlas Terrain I could make was roughly 6mb. This becomes an issue when the game is online and has to be downloaded. 🙁

Poking around with the implementation of Polysoup with the hopes of completely scrapping DIFs, for the straight port we’re keeping the DIF collision, but in the future polysoup will be our main form of Collision and hopefully DIFs will be a thing of the past! 🙂

So anyway, onto the point of this post!!!! The studio was recently interviewed for a local South African Game Dev Magazine called Dev.Mag. Its a two part series featuring our Creative Director, Lead Programmer & Lead Artist (myself) the first of which is in Issue 25, and the next in Issue 26 (see links below)

Dev.Mag Issue 25
Dev.Mag Issue 26

Its a great little Mag with some interesting articles!!

Okay, back to work!!! 😀

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