BLUR Gets New Cars

So here at Luma Arcade, we’ve been working hard…. no seriously we have. The continuing work of porting BLUR from TGE to TGEA (which will soon allows us to get the mac version up for beta testing) and then secretly we’ve been working on 3 exciting new cars. If you’ve been in closed beta testing these will be nothing new to you, but here are a few screen grabs for everyone else to drool over!! 😀




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  1. Hey great job, one question, if I have the license for TGE, is there some TGEA beta tester for free download for mac???

  2. herman.tulleken says:

    The new cars look awesome! I like the new features in the GUI as well! Good work; my regards to the team!


  3. bydersjoint says:

    Hey Erik,
    Only TGEA 1.8 has a Mac version an it is currently in Beta. I don’t know quiet how GarageGames work but I think you need to at least own some version of TGEA to get the Mac Beta!!

    Thanks.. yeah the GUI is coming along 😉

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