Moving from Gaming to Animation

Its been 2 years & 4 months that I have been with Luma Arcade! Sometime at the beginning of this year the desire to evolve, grow & experience a change in my life, finally led me to move from the 3D gaming feild back into the field I was trained in, Animation. As of the 23rd of March I joined Shy the Sun an animation firm based in Cape Town. The move came with an entire life change, a new job, a new city, a new car, a new home!

Its my 4th day here, and so far its been pretty awesome. The Cape Town lifestyle is completely different to JHB and the company seems awesome! I am no longer working in 3DS Max but have finally made the move to Softimage. I am missing my modifier stack with simple tools like the Shell Modifier, but have found a script to do a similar job and already used it about 4 times! I dunno how I could work without it. 🙂 I am busy playing with the Roadkill Plugin for unwrapping my models. Roadkill is an awesome little tool, so once I get it fully integrated into Softimage it will add a great boost to my UV texturing productivity.

Just to rub it in, here is a pic of the view out my office window!! 🙂


I still can’t belive I get to look at that everyday!!

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