Marble Blast Mobile for iPhone

Exciting times! The world has begun talking about Marble Blast Mobile for the iPhone! It was the last game I worked on whilst working at Luma Arcade and its really great to see the reponse that the market place is having! It was officially showcased at the iGames Summit 09 in  San Francisco a couple of weeks ago.

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Marble Blast Mobile has been ported using Garage Games’ iTorque Engine and a whole bunch of new little tricks and wizzardry by the programming guys!!
The game should be getting submitted to Apple in a few weeks time, so keep you eyes open for this one!!

~C 😀

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  1. Perishingflames says:

    Nice post- thanks for the link.

  2. AngryMoose says:

    Marble Blast Mobile is now for sale on the App Store!

  3. jason says:

    Marble Blast is out!!! Yaaaaaay!!

  4. Ryan hoover says:

    Be sure to follow @MarbleBlast on twitter. There’s hint of an upcoming giveaway:

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