Sale of 3D Stock Models

Its been a while since I last posted… Happy New Year to all my Readers… I hate the fact that I haven’t written in so long but sadly sometimes the 3D Industry dominates your life & work just takes over! I hope to get back into my blogging soon though and will get the site buzzing again! ^_^ Annoyingly all of the jobs I worked on in ’09 are still in production, or still hiding under NDAs! As soon as those projects get released I will get them up on the site too!

In the meantime though, I have begun selling 3D Models online! I decided to go with instead of Turbosquid, simply from the viewpoint that Turbosquid is filled with a lot of potential rubbish and at the same time the user specifies the prices for their models. On however each model gets checked & approved before going online and also the price for each item is set by themselves, thus controlling the market a lot better!

Go check it out! Its a great site – Online 3D Model Portfolio

Modern Fan

Above is my latest addition to my Model Portfolio

So on that note… I am 6 days away from a huge deadline and can hear my producers whips cracking behind me!! 🙂 Setting Up & Checking passes is a slow process and whilst I wait for renders I am busy writing this!

Hope you are all well!


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