Cape Town Cable Car WIP

With another advert behind us, and it sitting at Passion Pictures in the UK where the final comp is being put together, I get to have some free time….. what do I do? I keep coming into work and carry on dabbling in 3D! So I decided to model up the Cape Town Cable Car. It has been a fun little project presenting some unique challenges which is always great, it keeps me on my toes! So here is a preview… its still very much Work in Progress! I have decided that next week I am actually going to take sometime off and explore Cape Town thus this will get slightly neglected for a short while!

Cable Car Work in Progress

Cable Car Work in Progress Wireframe

Comments always Welcome!! 😀

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  1. Matthew Clark says:

    Dude awesome work on the cable car. I had to look at it twice to see which one was real

  2. Mangy says:

    Well modeled!

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