Making of Friskies “Adventureland”

Well, now that its out there… I think am allowed to show some of the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff from the Friskies Adventureland Spot. If you haven’t yet seen the advert check it out below


Ree always gives great drawings and reference panels for each character give clear direction of shape, form & colours, however she leaves the 3D interpretation up to the modeler.

Turkey Ref turkey

Hen Hot Air Balloon

All the feathered characters had their feathers place by hand, we modeled a single feather and then placed the pivot at the correct position (where the feather would be attached to the skin) and then carefully covered the entire body of each bird. Yes, it sounds like madness, but it allowed us the control how the feathers tiled & patterned allowing each bird to have its own unique feel.

The Fish Hot Air Balloon above was an early concept and eventually never made it to the final spot. The image here show the incomplete and not fully texture version.


See Thru Walls Kitchen

The Kitchen may have looked totally realistic, but was actually all 3D, again based on Ree’s artwork I had t model this up in 2days after which it went to texturing and lighting by Jason Stapleton. Yup even the plugs on the walls where modeled and made to the American style 🙂

After the cat had been filmed against green screen the shots were tracked by Lung Animation to which we then matched the Geometry of the world. Originally proxy geometry was placed through out the world to not only visualise the world, but to also confirm that each shots alignment was 100% accurate. Every shot had a unique scene built specifically for it, having shots locked off to early on in the production really aids the set building process. Below is an original concept sketch by Linsey ‘Bison’ Levendall and then a video showing the step by step stages of a shots development.



Above: UVs for an entire Environment
(just for fun)

The Friskies ‘Adventureland’ spot was a great ad and it was awesome being part of the team. Now all I really would love to see is the 3D Stereoscopic version that was shown in the US before Alice in Wonderland 3D. It really must have been amazing!

~C 😀

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