The Callsheet – Stereoscopic Article

The Callsheet recently wrote an article on Stereoscopic 3D in South African film, prompted by a visit to SA from Jessica Abroms, a former technical director at Pixar. A few companies were mentioned including Triggerfish Animation Studios since we are currently working on Zambezia, our first Stereoscopic Release. Below is a scan of the Article

Stereoscopic Article

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Its been a while since my last proper Gaming, Animation or 3D related post… its been tough working under pretty strict NDAs. I have however been very busy developing, growing and writing tools for our in-house pipelines and furthering the stereoscopic pipeline.

C 🙂

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  1. mantas says:

    would be so interesting to read.. nice to see that africa in general (or south africa) is doing something in film and 3d. its quite rear to hear anything like that in regular western media. apart from district 9 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Hi Mantas,
    Thanks for the comment, you should be able to click on the image and get a big enough image to read the article 🙂
    It is exciting that SA and Africa is on the 3D Movie Making Scene 😀

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