Making the Grade

I couldn’t resist stealing the title of this post from Zambezia Director and Good Friend, Wayne Thornley’s Post of the same title Making the Grade it just suites the situation perfectly! The build up too, and completion of a feature film, is not a small task at all… especially a stereoscopic feature. At its peak we had four edits of the film in different locations all having to remain perfectly in sync, of course the Offline Edit in FCP, the Conform & Stereoscopic Depth Edit in Iridas Speedgrade NX, the Audio Reference Videos at Skywalker Sound and in the final three weeks the Baselight Grading Suite!

The whole process is an oddly emotional roller coaster ride, you slowly edge yourself closer and closer to completion with minor deadlines along the way, each deadline is a mini accomplishment but from each phase to the next you are tested and tried! Sounds very much like a classic storyline or script where you guide the viewer through the many Ups and Downs of your character ultimately building to the grand finale, and such is the film making process! Only the final film, sound and all is that grand finale! Oh and the process takes maybe 2 years instead of 2 hours! Its a journey totally worthwhile though, and although frustrating, fighting against machinery and software and having to work some oddly strange hours the results speak for themselves.

I thoroughly enjoyed the two days (although fraught with issues) spent at the refinery in joburg whilst we made our final Stereoscopic Grade adjustments to Zambezia. Finally seeing the film in Full HD on a large colour accurate projector was amazing and I was so excited to see how well the stereo performed when we viewed 100% of the rendered pixels. You see throughout production I have viewed all stereo Over-Under which is effectively only showing me half the usable pixels… I specifically chose Over-Under to attempt to maximize the horizontal pixel resolution which should have maximized the stereo viewing. (See my post regarding Over-Under vs Side-by-Side) Seeing it in full HD was amazing though, and I think once you finally see the movie you will know what I am talking about!

Zambezia Premiered to the American Film Market on the 5th and 6th of November, and we are expecting a 2012 Release

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