The Karoo goes 3D in Khumba

Concept Art of Khumba

Its been quite sometime since I have actually sat down and updated my site. Its been an interesting few months of late. We are roughly 15 months into the production of Khumba, Triggerfish Animation Studios second fully animated feature film. Zambezia being set for release Q4 2012! Never sure of what footage or production details are allowed to mentioned online makes updates difficult. Khumba is nicely into Animation with a good few scenes already having had final animation approved, so we should be seeing renders coming out in the next few weeks.

Khumba Storyboarding
Ric Capecchi, Storyboard Artist Extraordinaire!

The next 5 months are dedicated to animation and so my time is spent nearly entirely at my desk working on the setup and polish of stereoscopic cameras within every shot of the film. Stereo having such a large impact on cinematography however, I have been involved since storyboarding in a DOP role, right through previz up until this point. I must admit that I miss storyboarding, for an animated film its really the most flexible time during production. Exploring the enviroments for interesting shots whilst resolving story issues that you did not expect during script writing. It also has the quickest turn around, shots can be reworked and redrawn during a daily review session, making it a busy and exciting time during production!

Open Karoo
Concept Art of the Karoo

Working on Zambezia left me with so much knowledge, and a desire to make the 3D just so much better on Khumba. Having said that the stereo on Zambezia was started just after Avatar had come out, and the trends in stereography have changed drastically in the last two years. Khumba will be up to date with all the current trends, thats for sure!

Its feels like before I know it, I will be sitting in stereo dailies again looking at the final rendered shots for stereo disparities and render issues… its exciting and daunting at the same time, seeing how much work still needs to be done. We’ve done it once before and of course we’ll do it again!

C 😀

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