I finally splurged and upgraded my aging Sony F828 digital camera and moved into the world of Canon DSLRs by purchasing a 600D along with the beautiful Canon EF 50mm f1.4! Its been a desire for quite some time now to own a proper DSLR and although the point and clicks are great for quick snaps, I will never complain that I went with the bigger, slightly heavier EOS Camera. Originally the decision making, heavily involved my recent trip to Thailand (photos to follow soon) but now that I’m back on SA soil I cannot be happier with the creative freedom the 600D has given me thus far, and its only been 3months.

I will continue to keep my Photography Page up to date along with my Flickr Profile so be sure to check back regularly! The next goal when I find some time will be to join the ranks of Videographers posting to Vimeo.








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