Life’s a Journey

Wow, its been a few months now since I last wrote a post. Life has certainly taken me places over the last 10 months. Khumba was succesfully wrapped up on the 28th of Feb 2013 and from there I have been on quite the journey. It started with a few weeks back in Joburg to celebrate my fathers 70th birthday and my uncles 80th, before returning to the Cape to work as photographer/videographer on the Absa Cape Epic. The 8 days of the cape epic where spent entirely shooting (mostly in the mornings) and putting together a 1-2min video clip (mostly the afternoons) highlighting each day of the event. It was great to have finally escaped the ‘desk job’ style of work I had been doing for the last 7 years and to be on the road, camera in hand. The cape epic wrapped up just toward the end of March and so I hit the road, my car full of stuff from my life in Cape Town and headed for the Tsitsikamma/Garden Route where I spent the next four weeks being an absolute beach bum with not a care in the world, except for reading a few Lonely Planet guides about South East Asia. You see in mid Feb I had booked a flight to Bangkok for mid May and that date was quickly approaching. I had allowed just a couple of weeks back in Joburg to sort out my final arrangements for my trip, things such as visa’s and foriegn currency etc.

The next thing I knew, I was sitting in a Hostel in Bangkok with a Chang in my hand and not a care in the world, with the realisation that the next 6 months where going to be spent entirely here in South East Asia… I had no plans to work, no plans at all actually, I could do anything and go anywhere the wind blew me. Turns out, that is exactly how I spent those months, ending up in 8 countries, thailand, vietnam, cambodia, laos, myanmar, singapore, malaysia and india before finally catching a flight out of Chennai and heading all the way back to the bottom tip of Africa. They say travel changes you, and well it does! I have come back a very different person, with very different goals, and very different outlooks on the world. The materialism of this modern consumerism driven world we live in grosses me out. I firmly believe that even though South Africa is classed a 3rd world country, a healthy portion of our people live a very ‘1st world’ life style. Until you’ve seen the simplisity (in our eyes ‘poverty’) of a life lived in a truely 3rd world nation, sometimes a socialist nation, its very hard to understand how ridiculous our lives appear in comparison. On a side note, I visit a local shopping mall now as we approach Christmas and cannot believe the number of numb, empty lives (zombies) I see walking/rushing through the shops. I never see a smiling face, people mindlessly spending money on clothes which they hope will make them feel better about themselves. Oh dear!

coconut sunrise, perhentian islands, malaysia

Suffice it to say I am now back in South Africa, 3 weeks after returning I have already found work in the animation world again and have moved to yet another new city! I love it, it feels as though I am still traveling, still exploring new places… sadly it has a down side, I am back at that ‘desk job’ it does however allow me to begin saving towards my next trip. My newly optimised life, with regards to money, allows me to pump money into the travel fund and hopefully I will be on the road before I can snap my fingers. South America is calling me! In the meantime, this is my opportunity for some ‘high intensity learning’, time to learn a new language (spanish), learn a new skill set for work (as I am now working in Flash, a refreshing change from 3D animation) along with beer brewering, get my motorcycle lisence, continue to further my photography and who know what else.

fisherman, u bein bridge, myanmar

I have certainly realised that work does not define who you are, you create who you are by the experiences you have… work is just a means to an end (money) and money is a game! You just need to leverage personal strengths to win the game (and right now that strength is animation).

glorious sunrise, bagan, myanmar

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  1. Louisa says:

    Christmas must be the worst time of the year to go mall trawling, but the no smiling thing is probably valid for the rest of the year too. 😉

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