12 Months in 12 Square Meters

What fits in 12 Square Meters

Its true my flat, if you can call it that, is a total of 12 square meters. Its a 4x3m room! The kitchen is 1.5×1.5m, and so is the bathroom. The kitchen connects onto a 3×2.5m lounge, dinning room & a bunk bed above my couch. Its a small space, with everything I need, except an oven. I have a bath/shower, normal sink and toilet along with a full size fridge in my kitchen. Its a cozy space although I do not think I could go much smaller, certainly not as small as the Apartments in Hong Kong.

Photo Credit: Jakob Montrasio - Flickr
Photo Credit: Jakob Montrasio – Flickr

A Tiny Revolution

I guess you’re asking yourself why? Why would someone live like this? Well for me it came as part and parcel of my goals to travel the world. I needed to optimise my life to the point that I could save as much money as possible. A small apartment comes with a small rent bill, and when you compare average rental prices here in Cape Town I have scored a serious deal. This past year living in a small space has sent me down a fascinating path of discovery, finding I am not alone in a global Tiny House Revolution. If you have the time try to watch the documentary below.

Its so amazing to see how happy and simple these people are living their lives, debt free, financial freedom, etc. I truly believe that this is the housing model of the future, and one day I will own a small space of land with my very own tiny house. In the meantime though, I rent this small apartment and put over 50% of my salary into savings each month. I will write about how I do that in a future post! Its all part of a new way of looking at & living life, spend you money on experiences, not things. A new generation is here, where assets and the giant family home are not the main objective of life. The pursuit of happiness has been redefined and the internet certainly has changed the way we do business and therefore the way companies employ staff.

Photo Credit: Tammy Strobel - Flickr
Photo Credit: Tammy Strobel – Flickr

I love my tiny house, its the perfect space for me. Why would I need more? Its the perfect lock up and go when I take a week off work and go exploring. I run all my lighting and soon more devices entirely off a solar system I was able to install myself. So its cheap to run. Its keeping it simple, and I am all for simple! So here’s to a few more months in my current tiny house! My travel funds are nearly ready to take me on my next adventure weather that be South America or the parts of Asia I am yet to explore! Since my last trip to South East Asia & India my heart yearns to return and sound tracks such as these don’t help!

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  1. Bigger than my “flat” 🙂 I guess if you have a desire to travel, you aren’t too bothered where you live, as long as you feel safe, can sleep soundly and get the basics done. I chose my flat to be able to prep for travel again too. Going next month. Eeeeek. *excited shriek*
    Enjoy life in HK, Chris!

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