Stereoscopic Trailers: Zambezia & Khumba

Thought I would put the trailers from both the Stereoscopic Films I have worked on, into one place. I have also included some history below each film.

Adventures in Zambezia (2012)

The first stereoscopic animated feature film in South Africa and so my brief from the director & producers was to be gentle, no extreme gimmick shots and ultimately play it safe. It was an incredible learning curve where I worked to develop the stereo camera rig & pipeline that included cut cushioning and floating windows.

Khumba (2013)

The producers were extremely pleased with the positive feedback on the stereo from Zambezia and so allowed me far more freedom on Khumba. I was asked not to float the stereo windows on Khumba, so sadly this trailer shows no floating windows either. The pipeline was furthered to allow the setup & rendering of Multi-Camera rigs which were used extensively throughout the film to improve the overall stereo effect.

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