Travelling East or West?

East or West

The End Is the Beginning Is the End

Tomorrow marks the last day of June, and with it I head into my last 3 months of employment at Triggerfish Animation. Dejavu Much? It also marks my reaching saving goals for my next great adventure… the only real question facing me now? Do I go East or West? I have already spent 7 months exploring South East Asia, but I do have a passion and soft spot for eastern cultures and peoples. Going east would mean venturing to Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Borneo, Indonesia, etc. Going west would put me in South & Central America, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Panama, Belize, Hondoras, etc. It may sound stupid but its a tough one! The east would certainly make me happy, the west would be scary and push me out of my current travel comfort zones and oddly enough that sounds pretty damn exciting!  I spent Saturday night chatting with a couple that had spent 4 months travelling from north to south america and they made it sound spectacular. Oh, but to see Hong Kong, and Japan during the cherry blossoms!


Next Steps?

Its pretty straight forward from here! If work ends in 3 months time, that means I have to give my 2 months notice on my flat in about 4 weeks time. Those last 2 months would be spent packing up the flat, dumping a lot of loose items, down scaling (even though I arrived in Cape Town 16 months ago with only the contents of my car). I will then head to Jozi where my car is left in my parents back garden and I simply hop on a plane outta JNB with a backpack… the rest I will figure out on the flight over. Okay I might book my self a few nights accommodation in my first country/city. I like to keep my plans flexible so wont make any other arrangements before leaving. I intend to try find work on this trip. I am seriously considering doing odd jobs for rent/food, etc.

The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

On my last trip I travelled with a Carry-On wheelie bag and an extra day pack. Mid trip I sent 2kgs of stuff back to SA via Thai post (stuff that I had gathered on my travels) and returned with an 18 kilo, 65 litre back pack and the original day pack. I hope to do this next trip much lighter, aiming just for a single carry on along with a collapsible or soft foldable day pack. The many choices of backpack are also about to begin, many suggestions have been made, but none look or work the way I expect a good pack to work.  I still carry the very same day pack around to this day and its still packed the way it was back in asia. Establishing good packing habits is a helpful and quick way to know weather you have got everything that belongs to you, especially after packing your gear at the 101st hostel in a rush to catch the boat off the island in time to catch the bus.

So decisions, and planning! Thats my next few months. Exciting, and hopefully I will chronicle the adventure more than my last! So stick around, follow me on twitter & instagram or keep checking back here :p


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