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I recently had a colleague ask me for some Overseas Travel Tips & Advice. His message basically said, ‘The budget isn’t massive, but its sufficient.. I haven’t done any travelling, so know nothing. Don’t suppose you have any advice or recommendations?’ I love sharing my love of travel, and so I could not help but bomb him with as much info as I could. It hit me this morning though, I need to share this information on my blog. Its broad advice, location independent and can be used for any style trip you are planning.


Many people will start by suggesting Airbnb, and be sure to check it out as you can find some amazing deals. I recently have enjoyed using for a trip to Bali since they offer credit card free bookings. When it comes to budget/backpacker travel I go with HostelBooker or Hostelworld either for booking in a dorm room or a private room with a shared bathroom.

Always try to find accommodation near to public transport (not airports), along with near to where you want to be. I try to avoid using taxi’s and go for the cheaper option of public transport. If I do use taxi’s it generally only twice, to & from the airport. So be sure to check out Subways/Trains and Bus systems.


In some parts of the world (south east asia) you might find eating out works out cheaper than making your own food, however in other countries (europe) you will have to consider shopping at local supermarkets instead as prices in restaurants can really bash your budget. A small tip, either take your own reusable water bottle, or only buy once and fill it up at public water fountains, every bit counts and its better for the environment.

Travel Tips

  1. Travel by night; a night bus/train or plane effectively saves you having to pay for a nights accommodation.
  2. Check out its a great resource for finding out the current costs in cities around the world.
  3. Check out the guides. Often when I go on a big trip 6+ months I will buy the entire ‘shoestring guide’ but for shorter trips the best option is to only buy the chapter you need. The guides are great as they tell you where to go, where to eat, and where to sleep. They also include some very useful tourist maps.
  4. Definitely worth bookmarking is as the wiki name suggests its updated by users and often has some of the best advice. I always read the ‘Get In’, ‘Get Out’ sections as they contain useful information.
  5. I have been using since early 2013 its a great app for your phone that downloads maps of countries (and now recently smaller parts of countries) right to your phone from, the latest version lets you add new places you find to the map as well.

Safe Travels 🙂

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