Build-up to South America

What? Travelling Again!

I am recently back in South Africa from my year living & working in Indonesia. Its a short stop over, although having already found work I do not want to settle down. Settling involves signing rental leases and getting my fridge, bed and belongings out of storage. Its simply easier at this point to keep moving, rather than get stuck again. Yes I know, I still need to write a few blog posts about my travels to New Zealand in August ’16.

However, welcome to a blog series I am starting about my build up and discovery of South America. Its going to be a memory dump of links/pins and information I find out from websites and friends as I prepare to spend a few months traveling thru the Latin Americas. It will also serve as a diary to look back upon and reflect/compare notes against the realities once I arrive. I will not be alone on this trip, my girlfriend Rhoda will be joining me. In 2013 I travelled SE Asia alone and loved it, it forced me out of my comfort zone and let me meet so many amazing people along the way… hopefully this trip the dynamic wont change to much.

So what’s the plan Stan?

Well, like most trips to South America it will most likely begin with a flight to São Paulo, however 2 weeks ago whilst in Dubai I noticed Emirates offer flights to Rio (if we choose a flight via Dubai rather than direct). This will be mid Feb to be in Brazil in time for Carnival. Brazil will begin the adventure after which I think I will head South as we move through Uruguay and into Argentina for the Autumn/Fall months. We’ve read of some great national parks that are just stunning in Autumn, from there it’s west to Chile travelling north via Santiago and into the North Western Countries of Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, etc. It’s also not out of the question to mission into parts of Central America, such as Panama, Belize, Honduras too.

lonley planet route

The Lonely Planets ‘route map’ of South America (above) is a good basic guide, however I don’t think I will stick to it. I am going to compare their routing against the routes of travel companies such as Contiki & Top Deck just to determine where they would fly vs taking long distance buses, etc.

Travelling on a Shoestring

I guess in general times/lengths in countries will be dependant on costs. According to costs vary from country to country (obviously) with Venezuela, Uruguay, Chile & Brazil topping the prices and Ecuador, Peru, Colombia & Bolivia owning the cheaper slots.

south america costs

We’re considering couch surfing, woofing, or working for families for lodging whilst on the road, not only to offset the costs of travel but we have read so many amazing stories from people who have worked away. The stories including learning to farm honey bee’s to running surf shop receptions. I am excited to take on any new challenge. I may have to call upon friends that I have in Brazil, Argentina and Chile for the odd couch to crash on. I am excited \oo/

The big Rio Carnival is on the 25th of Feb 2017, which give us basically 3 months before we’re on our way! Let the planning and studying begin, enjoy the journey :p

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  1. Darrel says:

    This is very exciting. You are inspiring. All the best!

  2. Chris says:

    Hey Darrel, thanks so much! Glad its inspiring, maybe we’ll see you on the road sometime :p

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