Bolivian Visa for South African Citizens

I feel like I just scored the deal of the century. Its hard to get solid information from the internet on what a Bolivian Visa for South African Citizens should cost you, or what is involved in getting one. Mixed information from other travellers suggested a Visa (at the boarder would cost $55 (2015, seen online) upwards of $95 (2017, heard in a hostel in Cusco). Well I just applied for my Visa at the Bolivian Embassy in Cusco and cost me a whopping S./20 (Peruvian Soles) or simply $6! Score! Sure we have not yet crossed the border yet, and this visa is only valid for 30 days but I will take the MASSIVE savings thanks.

I am not going to bore you with the story of the crazy day going to the embassy to find out what documents we would need, and then the madness of the day getting it all sorted. Its simple though and sure for a traveller like me having to make fixed date bookings is not fun… but right now I am only talking 5 days in advance.

Requirements (as of July 2017)

  1. A simple Itinerary (just a list of dates and places, titled ‘Itinerario – Itinerary’ and this can be a rough guide)
  2. A single A4 page with both sides of your Credit Card (or a bank statement, but this was far easier)
  3. A photocopy of your Yellow Fever Certificate
  4. A booking for you first night or two in Bolivia (printed copy from, etc)
  5. A ID photo (which they simply scanned and returned. I used Colour, but they were happy with B/W as you can see on the final printed visa it is printed in B/W)

Bolivian Visa

That was it! 30 minutes later we walked out with a Visa in our Passports, valid from date of entry. We had not filled out any forms online beforehand. The chap at the embassy did all this for us, the process involved sending an email to you, which was easily received on a smartphone connected to the wifi at the embassy. The Cusco Embassy is open from 8h00- 15h30, week days.

*we noticed that if you are flying in/out they may require a copy of your flight booking too.

Viola 🙂 I will update how it goes when we actually enter Bolivia. Hopefully no bribes are required or other ‘payments’ upon entry.

EDIT: 29/07/2017
Well, we arrived at the Bolivian border and the first thing the immigration officer said to me after seeing that I was South African was, ‘Do you have visa?’. He was so relieved to see that I had done all the visa work before arriving at the border that seconds later I was stamped into the country. No hassles! 🙂

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