This is more a history of Jobs and the Projects I have worked on in the past few years.

Formal CV available on Request via my contact page, or for up to date details please see my Linkedin Profile.

Nov ’17 – Present: Stereoscopic Supervisor in Vancouver working on the upcoming feature film “The LEGO MOVIE II” (directed by Mike Mitchell) produced by Warner Animation Group.


Nov ’15 – Nov’16: CG Supervisor across multiple TV series for networks such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network & Boomerang.


Mar ’15 – Oct ’15: I headed back to Triggerfish for the opportunity to work as Compositing Lead on Stickman the animated BBC Christmas Special. Based on the book from Julia Donaldson (author of Gruffalo, Room on a Broom, etc).


Mar ’14 – Feb ’15: Working on the new Season (3) of the ever popular Jungle Beat TV Series, as Lead Environment Artist & Set Dresser, working exclusively in SideFX Houdini.

Concept Art from Elephant

Freelance Stereographer, 3D Artist & Photographer – (Mar ’13 – Feb ’14)

Spent 7 months travelling through South East Asia with just my backpack and camera. In my spare time I am putting together a photo journal of my entirely unplanned adventure and all the beautiful places it took me.


Mar ’10 – Mar ’13: Full Time DOP & Stereographer for Triggerfish Animation Studios, a Cape Town based film studio. With a crew size of nearly 160 people, Triggerfish took animation to the next level in South Africa giving many employee’s international level experience right here in South Africa.

Project -> Khumba (Oct ’11 – Mar ’13)

DOP / Lead Stereographer for Khumba a fully animated feature film. Involved right from Storyboarding, through to Final Conform & Grade. Translating the script from paper to usable shots in camera, maintaining story and scene staging. Involved right from the beginning to maintain a high quality stereoscopic film.

Official Trailer

Project -> Adventures in Zambezia (Mar’10 – Oct ’11)

Lead Stereographer for Zambezia a fully animated feature film. Oversaw all of the Stereoscopy, from setting up S3D Cameras, to controlling depth in accordance with the depth score, right through to stereo considerations in shots, lighting and the edit. This position made me the first full time stereographer for a 3D animated film in South Africa.

Official Trailer


Mar ’09 – Mar ’10: Full Time 3D Artist for Shy the Sun aka The Black Heart Gang. Shy the Sun being a small production team I was involved in nearly all steps of production, modeling, unwrap, texturing, rigging, animating, lighting & rendering!

Project -> Friskies Adventure Land (Nov ’09 – Mar ’10)

30 & 60 Second TV Spot for Friskies Cat Food including Live Action & 3D Animation. Our pipeline included modelling & rendering from Softimage XSI, Modo & 3D StudioMax. I worked exclusively in Modo for all modeling and texturing (read more…) I just find the Modeling & UV tools incredibly user friendly. Rigging & Animation was produced entirely in Softimage XSI as the character animation tools are just great.

Final Spot

Project -> Jack Splash (Mar ’09 – Nov’09)

Fully Animated 13 Minute Short Film for recording artist, musician and record producer Jack Splash, sadly this production never made it into the public domain. This was our first production where we began integrating a Modo/Softimage workflow. Entire city blocks of New York city were modeled in re-usable sections, along with a typical american style neighborhood and parts of brooklyn.


Dec ’06 – Mar ’09: Full Time 3D Artist working for Luma Arcade, a subsidiary of Luma Animation who’s focus is primarily Computer Gaming!

Project -> Marble Blast Mobile (Feb ’09 – Mar ’09)

I worked as Lead 3D artist on the iPhone/iPod port of Garage Games’ Marble Blast. The game has had a lot of excitement and hype around it and you should be able to find it on the iStore! 🙂

Promotional Video

Project -> BLUR (REV, TGEA Version) – (Aug ’08 – Jan ’09)

We have just began work on porting REV to TGEA for Mac and for InstantAction. The port goes along with the renaming of REV to BLUR. This major port has given us the opportunity to upgrade our entire art pipeline. We have upgraded from Max 7 to Max 9, and along with it we have upgraded from TGE to TGEA 1.7.1. This engine upgrade will allow for a huge visual improvement as we will now be able to harness the power for full shader technologies 😀

Promotional Video

Project -> REV (TGE Version) – (Nov ’07 – July ’08)

I was Lead 3D Artist for Blur, my focus was Vehicle Modeling & Integration, Level Design & developing new techniques that improved on our Mini#37 technology allowing a more extensive and detailed road & world.

(Beta Version)

So far at Luma Arcade we have been using the Torque 1.5 engine by GarageGames. We have made major changes to the engine (physics, menu systems, networking, etc) but spent no time working on major graphics enhancements. Thus we remain working with BSP based .dif files, we do not have the ability to apply Parallax Maps, Normal Maps, Bump Maps, Specular Maps or even have a specular on our surfaces. Everything is textured with a single diffuse image and all ‘illusion’ of lighting is textured onto the model!

Project -> Mini#37 – (Dec ’06 – Oct ’07)

Promotional Video

In Game Captures

I was positioned as the Junior Artist on the Mini#37 project, however by the time the project had drawn to a close I was entirely responsible for Vehicle Modeling Integration & Level Design

(Beta Version)

Locations within Mini#37 are based on actual real life locations, each was photographed for reference and created to give the sense that you are actually driving in that very place!

Internship at Luma Animation – (July ’06 – Dec ’06)

During my college final year I began a part time internship at Luma Animation which got me noticed by Luma and they decided to employ me as soon as they could. Luma even suggested that I work for them full time for my final term of college, but the college rejected that idea! I became an integral part of the Mini#37 project even during my time at college.

3D Animation College – (Jan ’05 – Dec ’06)

I took up a full time Animation Diploma at Boston Media House in Sandton. We focused on Stop Motion Animation, Cell Animation, Storyboarding and Character Design. During the traditional Animation and Art lessons we were also trained in 3DS Max, and Maya. See some of my college work here.

This is my College Show Reel, its what got me into Luma Animation 🙂

Show Reel

(Show Reel)

…and this was my final college work, where we had to produce a lip sync’d piece.

Lip Sync

(Lip Sync)

…and here is a separate short Character Animation Reel

Character Animation

(Character Animation Reel)

* sadly the .flv format doesn’t do them justice 🙁

Graphic Design – (1998 – Jan ’05)

In early 1998, my father and I bought a small vinyl cutter, and that’s where I began my adventures in the small sticker business. The software that came with the cutter was terrible and so I taught myself Corel Draw 4. We began noticing large scale signs were made using this same vinyl technique and so began servicing that market too. Slowly as people began using me for signage work, they started asking for Business Cards, Letterheads and Stationary. We never said no and actually began out-sourcing the printing work.

I decided to, in my spare time, study printing & design and so took an evening course at Media Design Consultants – (PIFSA – Printing Federation of South Africa) – (January 2002 – June 2002) This course covered, design principals, working with positives and negatives, photoshop, freehand & quark

We continued the signage and printing, then one day we met a small printer and eventually bought his printing press and employed him. Having direct access to the printing press gave me loads of experience in the design & printing field

I serviced many local company’s, shopping centres & newspapers, but eventually became bored with doing the same thing day in and day out, and the 3rd Dimension was the only place I could see myself going from this world of 2D Design!

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