• Travel
  • The South America Realities

    The Realities Set In Wow! Its been 3 weeks already! So its been all about study, and discovery! Lets point out the pretty obvious, South America is YYUGE (huge). I was comparing my travels around Vietnam, Laos and Thailand on a map and that is roughly the total length from top to bottom of just […]

  • 3D Work
  • Exciting New Chapter

      It is extremely exciting to see that Adventures in Zambezia has become the highest grossing South African film in more than 30 years, taking more than $18 million through several key territories.* It was such an honour to be a part of the amazing team that Triggerfish Animation Studios pulled together to produce Zambezia. The […]

  • Photography
  • Photography

    I finally splurged and upgraded my aging Sony F828 digital camera and moved into the world of Canon DSLRs by purchasing a 600D along with the beautiful Canon EF 50mm f1.4! Its been a desire for quite some time now to own a proper DSLR and although the point and clicks are great for quick […]