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  • Wii Fit Training Routine

    Recently I splurged and bought myself a Wii Fit. I am a pretty active person normally, running, etc, so thought that adding a few cardio & yoda moves to lifestyle wouldn’t hurt. In my opinion, I have found the Wii Fit to be a great little addition to my exercise routine. I did some searching […]

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  • rAge ’08

    So two weeks off the back of rAge ’08! As always its fun to wonder around the expo, see some of the new games coming out shortly, catch up with some old friends in the industry that you normally only bump into at rAge. Making new contacts and just seeing another perspective on the Gaming […]

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  • Blur In Depth Interviews

    Wow, long time since I last posted. We’ve been pretty dedicated to the porting of Blur from TGE to TGEA. Its been interesting seeing how GarageGames have added all the new features to TGEA but keeping the system as close to the original TGE system as possible. Once you get the hang of working with […]