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  • Cobblestones & Beaches in Paraty

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    I can’t believe it’s nearly 2 weeks on the road already. I’ve quickly been swept back up into the travel adventure that comes with backpacking. Exploring Brazil certainly is not as easy as traveling around Asia, the Brazilians so far assume you know enough Portuguese, so boats & bus trips are all announced without any […]

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  • The South America Realities


    The Realities Set In Wow! Its been 3 weeks already! So its been all about study, and discovery! Lets point out the pretty obvious, South America is YYUGE (huge). I was comparing my travels around Vietnam, Laos and Thailand on a map and that is roughly the total length from top to bottom of just […]

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  • Build-up to South America

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    What? Travelling Again! I am recently back in South Africa from my year living & working in Indonesia. Its a short stop over, although having already found work I do not want to settle down. Settling involves signing rental leases and getting my fridge, bed and belongings out of storage. Its simply easier at this […]

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  • Visit Charming Battambang

    The Charm of Battambang Everyone who writes or blogs about Battambang says its the lesser known, or off the beaten track, or the under visited town in Cambodia. Sure its nothing compared to Siam Reap which is basically party central, after templing all day. Battamang doesn’t have a ‘pub street’ filled with bars & clubs, […]